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We are Indivisible Ohio 8, an activist group organizing for political and social change in Ohio's 8th congressional district. Using strategies and tactics outlined in the Indivisible Guide, our goal is to advocate for fair representation and push back against unjust policies and political practices in all levels of government. We work to hold our representatives accountable, predominately focusing our efforts at the congressional level on Rep. Warren Davidson, Sen. Sherrod Brown, and Sen. Rob Portman.

For more information about what we do and what we're about, please read the Indivisible Guide and attend our next meeting! Get started right away by following us on Twitter and Facebook for daily action items.

Upcoming Events

Indivisible Ohio 8 Public Meeting


Date and time TBD. Expected late October.  

Expected meeting location: West Chester Library

Meeting topics:


Review of the last 6 weeks and progress made toward goals.


Discussion of current initiatives including the signature collection effort for the petition to end gerrymandering.


This meeting is open to all who want to attend.

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